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5 Really Cool New Features with Docuware 6.6

For someone like me, who has been a copier geek for all of my copier career, the insight I received the other day from Steve Behm, Vice President Sales, Americas, about the pending upgrade of DocuWare 6.6 was awesome. 


As many of you may know, I’m a big fan of when Dealers can diversify their “click” portfolio by adding products and services.  Partnering with DocuWare is a tremendous way to kick-start your Professional Services Portfolio with the DocuWare platform.


Thus, I’d like to walk you through 5 really cool new features for DocuWare 6.6.

  1. Released earlier this year, their 6.5 was the first version of a remodeled look of DocuWare.  6.6 now with a more intuitive interface, adds new features that end users are looking for such as quick searches and saved searches along with continued integration with various business lines of software.
  2. Native EML support, even for Google mail. 
  3. Full integration with MS Outlook for storing email – lets you easily locate any email you ever sent or received.
  4. Enhancing their Intelligent Indexing Service which increases performance, think of it as “intelligent data capture” DocuWare can capture the variable pieces of data, and supply that to business lines of applications.
  5. A high performance interface graphical interface lets the user develop their own simple to complex workflows for routing and stamping documents.

Steve and I talked more about additional features:


What is the Paper Scan App?


PaperScan which was already available for iPhone is now available for Android. The App makes it seamless to use a smartphone for mobile scanning. For example, while at a restaurant, you can take a picture of your receipt, upload to DocuWare to quickly process your expenses, and toss the receipt. No need to keep the paper copy.


All of us need to remember that DocuWare is not just for scanning documents, but also for creating workflows that can enhance a business process. An easy to use interface lets you modify them as needed.


DocuWare will also allow you to search and print documents at the MFP. This is an awesome feature that resonates with all us that are still selling imaging equipment!


While I’m not an expert with Document Management Platforms, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Need to know more about Docuware, then pay them a visit here.


-=Good Selling=-

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