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3 Things Major Account Copier Reps Consistently Do To Shoot Themselves With Complacency Bullets

If you want to win consistently as a major account copier rep you need a plan. You need to develop a strategy which gives "THE" edge, the business "IT" factor over the competition; consistently driving sales opportunities through the pipeline all the way to the finish line.

Life as a copier sales rep, especially in major accounts is challenging and I get it. I thrive and embrace personal and business challenges hence my 3 Things I Learned As A Major Account Copier Rep On The Streets Of Los Angeles

I’ve spent my entire sales career inside the office equipment industry, during which, I’ve been part of countless conversations with sales leaders, managers, and other salespeople trying to better understand how to motivate sales reps to do more than they are doing. This brings me back to 5 Things Top Sales Reps Do And Why Most Just Shoot Themselves With Complacency Bullets


Inside copier dealerships, the major accounts department often represents the largest growth opportunity for most dealerships. However, V.P. of Sales and Major Account Sales Managers are becoming silently frustrated. So much potential inside our major account department, so much opportunity – stalled and squandered. On the flipside, many of these frustrated managers also fit the description of average and complacent. A whole different issue and another topic of conversation.

Then something happens... Other reps become frustrated. These “bleep - bleep” major account copier reps are holding onto accounts that they aren’t growing or they don’t even call on, but they hang onto them “just in case.”

The time is now. Time to open Pandora's Box. We can no longer sweep these actions under the sales rug and pretend they don't exist. What may have seemed small or innocent over the years has now turned out to be severely detrimental to sales growth with far-reaching negative consequences inside your sales departments.


As a major account copier rep you didn't start off your career saying “I just want to be good enough.” Your worked your ass off to progress to becoming a major account sales rep.

Sports athletes don’t come out of rookie training camp saying, “I’m shooting for average – average skills, average income and average performance.

When you started in the industry you didn't set out with the goal of hanging on, doing enough to just “get by”, or riding it by figuring out how to survive until I can inherit another sales reps accounts. Well, at least not in the beginning, correct?

You learned that mindset. You learned that behavior. You learned to settle.

I am positive the mind can be convinced of almost anything if you tell it the same story over and over again. So here lies the question to all Major Account Copier Reps, V.P. of Sales, Major Account Sales Managers and Dealer Principals...

Are you really happy with average results or have you just convinced yourself that’s the case?

Yes, we are all feeling the pressure. The pressure from our manufacturers, pressure from our clients and pressure from our competition. I am a firm believer this pressure is self-induced and it has been brewing for years.

You are under pressure do to one word... COMPLACENCY



The real issue inside major account copier sales departments stem from these three things...


As a major account sales rep when your LinkedIn profile offers no clear path for visitors (your prospects or clients), that's the exact impression you give about you and your ability to help their business. You're affecting their thought process.

With nearly every business transaction in the United States today starting out as an online search or visit to a website, how much business are you potentially missing out on because your LinkedIn profile has a broken window? When referring to “nearly every transaction,” that’s because "89% of B2B transactions begin online", according to Google research.

As a major account copier rep, you come to work wearing business attire then why on earth do you look like this online?

Now, go ahead and take a look at your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself...

Would I buy from me based on what I currently see on my LinkedIn profile?

If the answer is NO, then I urge you to ask yourself, “What am I doing to repair the cracks within my LinkedIn profile?"


Congratulations as you have outwitted, outsmarted and outlasted most sales reps inside your dealership to inherit fruits of their labor. I know not all exude these behaviors but you get my drift, right?

You can't expect 100% of your M.I.F. to flip in any given year. Sure, managing a lease portfolio is part of what we need to do but not the main thing we should be doing. You must account and take into consideration a deal getting pushed or even worse losing an account.

I encourage all major account copier reps to give thought to...

If you lost any one of your top 5 accounts, how would you get to your budget number? 

Major account reps must always be on the look-out for new opportunities as you never know what may happen. This means we must ALWAYS BE PROSPECTING!

Losing a major account sucks. I get it as it has happened to me. A healthy relationship funnel and a healthy major account sales funnel sure takes the sting away.

“Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

Here’s the deal. You didn't get to where you are at by being average. So why are you sitting back, cruising month over month managing lease ends? Where is the hustle? Where is drive? Remember back to when you first started, you worked your ass off.

What would you do if in 2017 you had no M.I.F. to flip? How would you get to your budget number? Scary thought, huh?

As a major account copier rep, building your credibility and leveraging your network are two great places to start. Another great place to start is a mouse-click away...



If I had a dollar for every time I heard major account copier reps utter these words, "I have great relationships inside my accounts. Don't worry about it I own this account they aren't going anywhere", I would be a freaking millionaire. Then KABOOM the account is pulled right out from underneath their complacent nose.

In one of your current major accounts, how many people do you truly know? Of course, we want to stay close to the key decision makers but what about the influencers, stakeholders, department heads, lower level management and even the gatekeepers?

The more you know the more you grow. You never know who knows somebody who knows somebody (your competition). Your network is your net worth! Failure to spend the time to truly build effective relationships with your major accounts is a long term recipe for disaster.

All too often, relationships with major accounts are too shallow and narrow. Lease contracts are signed and the end users are trained but few relationships are developed outside of the day-to-day contacts. Sometimes this works, but most of the time it’s a highly risky proposition. What happens if your only contact leaves the company? You’re likely left with no advocate and no additional relationships within the account. Plain and simple: you are at risk of losing them as a customer.

When you are at risk this starts to happen at all levels inside your dealership...


Sales is a numbers game with any industry. If you’re not consistently hitting your budget number, there can be a clear reason why. Be extremely honest with yourself. Find your weaknesses and work like never before to improve them. Squash the complacent behavior. I encourage you all to stop resting on your laurels.

I encourage you all to do something which will blow your sales manager's mind. Ask for help. Even Tiger Woods needs a swing coach. When was the last time you humbled yourself enough to ask for help? It’s a sign of strength and maturity, not vulnerability and weakness.

Throughout our history, ego might be one of the largest causes for the downfall of men, organizations, and even countries.

Don’t let it hold back your sales career.

I get where you are coming from. I walked a day in the life of a major account copier rep.

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In 2016, Larry was recognized by ENX Magazine, “The Difference Maker” as someone who is making a difference inside the copier channel. Larry is passionate about helping sales reps succeed in creating their online brand image

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I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my LinkedIn stories. Integrating the use of LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive copier world. With great pride I transform, coach and inspire B2B Office Technology Sales Professionals to grow net new business by helping them tell their story and drive conversations on LinkedIn. My commitment is to help office technology dealers thrive in a changing marketplace. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitter, as well as at the Social Sales Academy

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