Major Update to Print4Pay Hotel Web Site

In the next 4-6 weeks we'll be rolling out our new style and a new user interface that's called Card Model. The changes will impact most lists and landing page on the platform- including the "home" page and each content module's start page- and will make it much easier to browse and consume content overall. In this mode, content lists are displayed as cards on a grid, filling the entire width of the content pane, like so: Each content type (forum topics, blog posts, clips, surveys, etc.)...


Fifty Billion! (No, not dollars in another government research project on some frog croaking program that we don’t know what is accomplished). As noted in a number of recent research studies and articles, this is the estimated number of pages sent last year via fax, and a very significant portion is accomplished using older, less secure fax devices, fax boards in copier/printer devices or fax servers over costly analog phone lines. Growing Shift There has been a growing shift over the past...

A Selling From The Heart Professional Redefines The Client Experience... Are You?

Unfortunately, one huge and costly mistake many in sales make with their customers is breaking promises. You're probably breaking promises to your customers far more often than you think. What experience is this creating? How are you making them feel? Without their willingness to tell you every single time you break a promise, how do you know? Way too many in sales treat their customers like widgets on an assembly line. What's worse is management and ownership have fostered the environment.

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Third Week of September 2009)

If you have some extra time make sure you check out Brian's post from ten years ago. It was pretty awesome. Print4Pay Hotel Member "Biggest Deal of My Life!" Enjoy these awesome threads from 10 years ago this week! Canon U.S.A. Announces Availability of The COPYblue MEAP Kiosk Version 2.1 Solution 10/20/097:46 PM Providing storefront and hospitality businesses with an opportunity to generate additional revenue from copying, scanning and faxing, CanonU.S.A., Inc., a leader in advanced digital...

This Week in the Copier Industry 5 Years Ago (Third Week of September 2014)

Had a pretty cool thing happen yesterday. I was visiting one of my existing accounts because they had a question on one of their higher end printers. The owner of the company then told me about a call he received from another business owner asking about how he likes his copiers. I was given the contact name and the company, since that company was only a few minutes away I was on my way. Stopping in un-announced is always a little dicey. The DM was in the office and I had to wait a bit, and...

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DocuWare Introduces a Free Tool for Creating Process Diagrams

Visualizing Clear Processes is the Key to Seeing New Efficiency Opportunities for Businesses New Windsor NY, Oct 17, 2019 – DocuWare , provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, releases Process Planner , a stand-alone, web-based process diagramming tool that is available for free for anyone. Process Planner is a 100% free tool requiring no prior knowledge about workflow standards or notations and no prior experience with other diagramming solutions - a...

What is ITAD and Why is it a Growing Industry and Why Office Equipment Dealers Should Give it a Look

During the last few weeks I've been able have some awesome conversations with service providers for our industry. I'm always on the look out for a product or a service that can help dealers expand their existing business or add growth from another service. At Itex 2019 I was able to spend a few minutes with Ed Spriegel (President of Mid-West Copiers and Partner with ARCOA Group). Ed was really excited about how well ARCOA is performing and stated I should chat with Brett Apold (Vice...