Where do you find the time to look for the unknown? You cancel the appointment with complacency

I recently produced a video on this subject and wanted to elaborate more. So, I wrote this article. We have all been in a situation where time is quickly eating up all our good intentions. Over the last few years I have spoken with thought leaders from different industries, have read many blogs, watched videos with messages completely outside my core industry, and most importantly I continue to look in new places where the rewards of learning the once unknown seem abundant. As we get...

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Are You Truly Placing Your Clients At The Forefront?

All it takes is one less than stellar experience, one broken promise and one not doing what you said you were going to do, in order for your customers to move on to the competition. One way to minimize the possibility of your customers moving on is to let them know how much you care. Love, cherish, adore, idolize and worship... seldom used words within the sales profession. Caring, a term not often heard as well. Defined as, displaying kindness and concern for others. Ask many in sales, and...

Copier Industry Update May 8th, 2019

Ricoh reports last fiscal year earnings - Total net sales down 2.4% to 2,013 billion yen - Operating profit of 87 billion yen - Profits totaled 50 billion yen - included an additional loss of 14.9 billion yen in its results for the fiscal year for distressed Ricoh India, which previously was a Ricoh subsidiary and is now facing insolvency. - Sales in the Americas decreased by 1.8% - selling, general and administrative expenses fell 9.6% to 702.9 billion yen - Office Printing Group (MFPs)...

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A Funny Thing Happened After My Sales Appointment

Just a short blog for all tonight. It was a little over a week ago that I scheduled an appointment for a quarterly review with one of my clients. The appointment was to review costs, volume of prints and what's changed with my client in the last 12 months. I did my bit and then asked what's changed beside the recent move. To my surprise the client was interesting in upgrading their existing wide format to one that could print and copy in color. Thus, I led the client through the pro's and...

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Nice to see a box of Dunkin's ! The franchise chain didnt work here in South Africa and they recently shut down all the franchises !
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