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I sell a lot of A4 into my medical accounts and small business accounts. It really comes down to page volume and how the machine is to...

When Will The Imaging Channel's Customers' Run out of Trust?

It's is 2020 in less than 30 days. Yet some in the Imaging Channel still think its 2000. On the other hand, most of the channel's customers are excited about 2025 and will find vendor partners who can deliver 2025 today. "A company's customers won't be held hostage by those who serve them status quo; today's customers are presented or can find on their own replacements for what they deem obsolete." Customers are no longer at the mercy of those who currently serve them. The ability for an...

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No problem. I reinstalled Windows, did all the updates then reinstalled IWB software and all good.

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Have not seen it, sorry for answering this late
Art Post

Are You Aware Of The One Thing That Will Set You Apart?

What's the one thing? What's the one thing you as a sales professional can do every day? You see I’m on crusade to bring back sincerity, substance and heart to the sales profession. Many and I mean have drifted off path. Whether you’re in leadership, management or in sales… I encourage you to think about the one thing. Here’s a little secret, it’s your heart! You’re clients deserve more. You know they do and I know they do. The question becomes what will you do about it? Lead with your heart...