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Imaging Channel!! Here’s Why I am Excited to be part of the BEI Services Inc. Team

BEI Services has been providing service process improvement metrics for decades. BEI’s experience and the vast amounts of data collected from thousands of service professionals and millions of print devices have positioned itself to offer all the information our partners need to run exceptional service organizations. The hundreds of our current customers have saved millions of dollars. Each day BEI continues providing the intellectual tools for service improvement. With today’s advances in technology, we are excited about the future of not only continuously improving our world-class platform but helping our valued partners improve in delivering to both their internal and external customer’s a better experience.

Today there must be even more understanding of service cost as new and different approaches to market become mainstream. Sales strategies like Device Billing or Seat Based Billing will only work profitability if you truly understand your cost. BEI Services is by-far the best in the industry for understanding service cost.

Over the next months, we will be adding more features and benefits to ensure that our partners can continue capitalizing on this most critical component of their deliverable. Everyone in the Imaging Channel understands the importance of the service annuity, the lifeblood which pumps through the heart of our industry. The BEI Services Team is dedicated to the commitment of continuous improvement. We understand that Analytics Equals knowledge which Equals Best in Class. It’s in this group of best in class that our partners find the best possible outcome for profits.

The protection of your businesses profit is more important than ever in a fast-changing deliverables future. Most already know, or should be aware, the future of document output is changing. The equipment, the supplies, the ways of service, the modes of delivery, and yes even the ways of selling print equipment is changing. Remember it doesn’t all have to end to disrupt one’s current circumstances it just must change enough to make the old way painful both for you and your customer. The future of all the components of the print equipment deliverables is threatened. Don’t get emotionally attached to the excited cries of paperless. I will scream again it’s not a paperless argument it’s a change in the components of the deliverable which should motivate all dealers to take seriously the need to explore improvement continuously.

“If we don’t seek out and understand how we can be defeated we are at the mercy of those who plan and execute our defeat.” 

Imaging Channel Resellers must capitalize on their current circumstances. It’s from the fuel, or (PROFIT) of the existing deliverable which will feed the engine of change. However, if you want too long, the fuel truck will be empty. Many industries are seeing shifts and fearing the unknown competitor who sits outside the window of their current circumstances, waiting for technology advances, advances which will eliminate or de-value their current end-users desired outcome. In other words, your end-users find a better way and then desire something different which might include you if you’re not ready. BEI Services has the tools and the expertise to help our partners uncover and capitalize on the benefits of performing as a Best in Class company.

Let’s explore where to find surpluses of cash just waiting to be used for your innovation. It’s safe to say most business owners convince themselves they are 100% focused on protecting their business, they understand the absolute necessity of that. At BEI, we live to help control the operating cost our partner's service and support centers.

Here are some examples of business processes BEI helps maintain within the Imaging Channel.

Territory management, BEI Services has the world’s best in class system for territory management. Our territory management software has reduced millions of callbacks, and this has increased the end-user customer satisfaction. A dealers Customer experience has quickly become much more important than more relationship based as in the past. Customers waiting for parts, or continuously having to call back are not an acceptable experience.    

Ensuring parts and toner inventory turns at least ten times a year. Some dealers had not reevaluated levels and still stock like 1980 when it took four weeks to get something the world has changed it got a lot faster. No dealer in the industry should have 9 or 10 months of stock sitting in their warehouse, no dealer in the industry should have parts or supplies which have not been used in 18 months. Dealers should not be writing off more than 1% of inventories. BEI’s software highlights behaviors which are inconstant to best practices causing profit loss. These alerts and details provide the dealership with information to act on saving our partners millions of dollars.

Many dealers have delegated their inventory and service controls to great, fantastic people; however, many are not trained in business acumen regarding PNL’s. Inventory and service management is just as critical as sales management. No good business leader would allow their sales manager to continue in their role if sales were not growing, had no plan or accountability metrics. However, some dealerships are bleeding much more in losses from inefficient inventory, and service management deficiencies. Fifty percent of the company’s revenue comes from your service department so your service business must be managed by business mentalities, not strictly technician mentalities. Today this is more important than ever.        

However still today, in some cases managers’ excuse away the reports, don’t read the reports or refuse to manage the disciplines the reports outline. BEI understands that Dealer owners must take the lead when core changes are needed we are responding with our Executive Dashboards and Acuity programs.

Today Dealers could easily be circumvented by other means of delivery and service, as manufacturers continue improving equipment thereby eliminating more and more onsite service as this and the lack of reliance on the equipment itself from end-users get closer and closer in-line the industry will experience many challenges. Today independent dealers must look to disrupt themselves into a sustainable future and do it before someone else takes control of their disruption.      

Most dealers would recapture a minimum of 20% of their Service and support operating cost if they managed by the numbers and not the emotional non-sense which attempts to penetrate one’s common sense.

Think about this. Currently 60% of all service calls are created by your technicians or lack of good inventory control. 30% of these calls should never happen. More than likely 70% of your profit comes from services and 30% comes from supplies, Hardware is a wash at best or drains 5-7% of your overall profit. Service departs must be vigilant to continuous improvement

With regards to revenue. Fifty percent of your revenue comes from service, and supplies the other fifty percent comes from hardware sales. A ten-million-dollar dealer with a five-million-dollar service platform running at fifty percent gross margin would have a cost of service of 2.5 Million saving 20% would reduce cost by Five hundred thousand dollars a year, or $46,666 per month. That my friends is a big number and should get your attention. Regardless of your dealerships size maximizing profits, and controlling inventories is mandatory for survival and to the cost of innovation. 

So, here’s the question what could your dealership invest in with an extra half a million dollars a year. And I guess I would say this, “If you think that you’re doing your best, that’s not the same as knowing you’re doing your best.” It is time to re-evaluate your service strategy and begin preparing yourself for the real possibilities that the annuity service platform which feeds the Imaging Channel will cease to bring enough nutrition for continuing our current circumstance.

Most dealers have qualified managers in their ranks. However, they normally don’t have a surplus of change leaders. Focused structural changes must be led, the dealer owner and their senior executives’ must take the lead. Those managing a current process who believe is performing just fine will become emotional and most definitely challenge any new order of things. In all reality, it’s 2017, and the fact is this- if your managers aren’t ripping up the past on their own you need to and BEI is here to help.  

“Business disruptions are the result of innovation improving the customer experience so drastically that the old way becomes a customer nightmare.”

Let BEI Services help you navigate to a more profitable future by providing the metrics, solutions, and knowledge from the world’s largest data base of Print service analytics.

R.J. Stasieczko  

On-boarding High Volume of Employees with Ease

print4payhotel_bannerad_300x150_pix_2017 updated 9-13-17

National hospitality staffing company, LGC Hospitality, implemented DocuWare Cloud to digitize and streamline their onboarding workflow, making the process simpler for both the applicant and staff.

Established in 2003, LGC Hospitality is a leading hospitality staffing company with over 26 offices across the USA. They help hotels, corporate dining companies, country clubs, hospital food services, special events centers, stadiums, caterers, schools and others to fill hospitality, hotel and restaurant positions. LGC provides temporary, temporary-to-hire, and career options at a variety of venues.

Their mission is to ensure a positive experience for both candidates and clients by going above and beyond the expectations they have of staffing firms. LGC strives to make quality placements as a result of long-standing client and candidate relationships built on trust and honesty.

LGC processes paperwork for over 50,000 applicants a year and issues W2 forms for over 24,000 employees. Employees range from those looking for fulltime work, a few weeks of work, weekends or just one event. Regardless of how many hours they end up working, each employee must fill out a 54-page application plus additional paperwork to set up payroll. When using their paper-based process, getting the applications complete and properly filled out was one of LGC’s biggest challenges. The application was long and asked for the same information in several locations which candidates found frustrating. To add to the labor intensive process, LGC staff had to spend a lot of time reviewing applications just to make sure every field was filled in and that every page had been signed. It was also very difficult managing, storing, and sharing this information internally, in addition to pulling information for audits.


When a new Vice President of Operations came on board, she began looking for a digital solution that would ease the company’s pain. She decided on DocuWare because the solution met all her needs: streamline the application process, eliminate time spent manually storing documents, provide the company with a searchable database of employees, and give recruiters the ability to use the system when they were at event locations. Additionally, implementing a cloud-based system would make rolling it out to 26 branch offices an easy process.


Today, the application and on-boarding process is all done through DocuWare via one online web form that contains fields from all their forms such as: Form W4 – Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, Form I9 – Employment Eligibility Verification, Direct Deposit, Emergency Contact Information, and others. The web form avoids redundant data entry by only asking for each piece of information one time and ensuring completeness by making some fields required. Once the information is entered and the web form has been signed, the data is used to create separate documents that are automatically stored in DocuWare. To simplify searches, branch offices and the corporate office each have their own filing cabinet, however, area and corporate managers have access to multiple cabinets. The solution was methodically rolled out to each office and after one week of training, staff jumped in and embraced their new paperless processes.


Before DocuWare, the application process could take up to an hour and a half; now it only takes about 30 minutes. Making the process even easier and faster, LGC can email the applicant a link to the form so they can complete it at home and then finalize it in the office.

“DocuWare has so much flexibility that if we have a candidate who is struggling to use the computer, we can print out the form and let them use the paper version, then scan the document back into our system,” said Rachel Martin, VP of Operations. “All we need is a laptop, signature pad and Wi-Fi. We can even do our hiring for an event from a venue location,” Martin continued.

DocuWare has expanded beyond just the first phase of the application process to now include a workflow to ensure all documentation is complete as someone transitions from applicant to employee. LGC’s hiring managers use DocuWare to electronically stamp tax forms, I9 forms, and direct deposit forms as approved which routes the documents to the payroll department for a few final processes and allows the employee to begin work.

“We stayed very close to the same payroll processes we were using before DocuWare, with one exception; our processes have been completely streamlined. Once a payroll form has been submitted and approved by a manager it launches a workflow that activates or allows deposits to be made to a pre-paid debit card, eliminating a two-week lag time. It’s been a win-win for everyone, our staff and our hospitality employees,” said Martin.

LGC has every applicant fill out IRS Form 8850, so it can apply for Work Opportunity Tax Credits, a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire and retain veterans and individuals from other target groups with significant barriers to employment. In the past, branch offices would mail physical forms to the corporate office weekly, who would then consolidate the shipments from the branch offices and mail a bigger box of forms to the IRS. LGC only had one month from the date-of-hire to submit the form and deadlines were often missed. Today, as soon as the form has been reviewed and stamped approved, it is automatically emailed from the branch office directly to the IRS processing facility, ensuring the company takes 100% advantage of eligible credits without the added physical work of copying and packing documents or the weekly shipping costs. Employees have to work a certain number of hours before LGC can qualify for a tax credit, but since all forms are automatically sent, the number of credits LGC is potentially eligible for has risen.

When it comes to placement, since the applicant files are digital, the staff can now search their newly created database to quickly find a candidate with the right qualifications for an event

“Sometimes, I need to find someone with a specific qualification, such as someone who has a certain certificate or has had a certain health screening. I can do a search in DocuWare and find several candidates. We love being able to search our own database, because this is something we could never do with paper records,” said Martin.


The biggest benefit DocuWare has brought LGC is its impact on the audit process. LGC’s large corporate accounts conduct periodic audits that require the corporate office to produce requested documents such as signoff-sheets, background checks and verifications within a small window of time. In the past, the corporate office was dependent on the branch offices to forward paper documents. Today, the requested documents are completely and accurately filled out and easily accessible in DocuWare, allowing LGC’s corporate office to pass the audit with ease.

Martin summed up their DocuWare solution saying, “DocuWare has significantly impacted our business and streamlined our processes. Our on-boarding procedure is considerably easier and quicker for both applicants and staff and the use of online web forms results in complete, accurate information. On a corporate level, we have access to all the documents from each of our 26 locations, smoothing our audit process and improving our efficiency. DocuWare has helped us moved our business into a modern age and allowed us to better serve our clients.”

DocuWare Corporation | 4 Crotty Lane, Suite 200 | New Windsor, NY 12553   (888) 565-5907 |

"Selling & Desire" Let Me Tell You a Short Story

The Desire

Let me tell you a short story.

At the age of 23, I had just completed my first six months as a copier technician. Prior to getting hired as a technician, I was hired for a 16 week boot camp to learn how to repair copiers in 1980.

At the end of the 16 weeks of training, we were sent out on interviews with local copier dealerships in New Jersey & New York. All 22 trainees were hired within a few weeks.

At six months, I had my review with the Dealer Principal. He stated, “Art you’re doing a great job at taking the copiers apart, however not so good at putting then back together”. I knew what that meant, I was getting **** canned.

After a few seconds, I was told that I was be laid off. What a bummer right? On my way out the door, the Dealer Principal pulled a Columbo on me. He stated, “Art, before you go, I have a question for you”. Ok, maybe there’s still a chance I thought.

The Dealer Principal reached into his pocket and pulled out three or four hundred dollar bills. He then asked, “which would you rather do? Work for a week to earn the three or four hundred dollars or try and talk me out of it?”

Now, my Momma did not raise a fool. Work a week or try to talk him out of it? I opted for the last option and tried for at least 20 minutes or so to make him pry loose with the cash. Because I was going to need it with no job and I'm a fan of cash. After more than 20 minutes, I conceded because he was not going to give the loot.

However, he did offer me a job for selling copiers. I took the job and never looked back.

I have had at least 7 or 8 dogs over my lifetime. For me there are two types of dogs, those that a motivated by food (easiest to train) and those that are wishy washy about food (harder to train).

There are many different types of people, and one type of person are those that have the desire to make money. Growing up, all I wanted was to make money. I had the lemon aide stand, the paper route, the snow shoveling and even left school early because I wanted to make money.

It’s my belief that once you have your potential employment candidates down to the last the three or four. You can find who has the desire to make money by asking them the same question that I was asked in my exit interview.

Those that say they will work a week for the dough can go. Those that want to talk you out of it are the candidates that have the DESIRE to succeed.

Of course you never let them talk you out of the cash, but you do offer them the job!


Brutal Honesty Part II: How Well Do You Know YOU As A Sales Professional?

If you're your authentic self you have no competition

In, Brutal Honesty: How Self Reflection Is Essential To Becoming A Better Sales Professional, I shared with you; how as a sales professional, you should consistently reflect back upon your personal performance. What helped you to succeed during the day, week or month? What caused you to lose a deal?

How are you continually evaluating yourself to improve your results and become better at what you do?

Self-reflection allows us to understand what is important, and focus on what can be done differently, in the future.

How well have you been practicing being self-reflective?

Approach each day with clarity and a better mindset to acknowledge where you fell short the prior day so you can improve upon it today.

  • Did I do what was required of me?
  • What did I learn today that was useful?
"Seeking to understand thyself requires courage"


The importance of learning self-awareness and self-refection can't be stressed enough as this will help you to become a better person for yourself, your career and most importantly those whom you love.

I ask you this...

As a sales professional, "If you don't know yourself then how can you help your clients?"


Stories are powerful. They give you a narrative to live by and lessons to pass on that shape the person you are and will become. Your story calls out your best self. It calls upon you to bring your full attention, strength and personality, creating a life of significance and career full of abundance.

This requires you acknowledge the good and the bad of your story. A big part of this is learning how to let go of past guilt, failure and regret as you start living your life with conviction.

Make a conscious decision today to stop defining yourself by what you are not. Stop beating yourself up (lord knows I have learned this the hard way). Every day starts a day filled with new opportunities, so start living a better story.

How many of your clients know your story?


Quite simple, self-awareness means you know yourself so well that you become amazingly happy which in turn allows you to live a wonderfully balanced life.

  • Are you living as the real you and not someone else?
  • Do your thoughts match your actions?
  • Does your walk match your talk?
  • Are you emphasizing the positive aspects of your personality?

Living a lie comes out sooner or later. Living a sales lies is even worse as this will ultimately screw with your career.

Knowing yourself is the process of understanding you. What makes you tick? Knowing yourself brings you face-to-face with self-doubts and insecurities. Self-reflecting upon this allows you to take a serious look into just how you are living your life and sales life.

Knowing yourself is a conscious effort; you do it with intention and purpose. This is the same approach you must take as a sales professional with your career. You must lead your sales career with intent and purpose.


The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting to the changes that come your way in life. Self-reflect to self-improve! The more you pay close attention to your emotions and how you work, the better you'll understand why you do the things you do. The more you know about your habits, the easier it is to make improvements.

You can read every sales book out there, you can event adapt to the routines of sales guru's and you can eat for breakfast every piece of self-help that comes your way but it's completely pointless if you don't know yourself well enough to put the correct advice into practice.



Spend any amount of time in sales and you all will have been bitten by the "humble-pie" and the "dose of reality bug". This bite injects salespeople with a dose of humility and awareness of their shortcomings allowing them to become better sales professionals. If you are willing to set aside your ego, to be humble as you go about your work as sales professional, then you can reflect an attitude of "others-interest" thus creating a true buyer focused experience.

Great sales professionals are not self-centered! The best of the best incorporate self-reflection and are truly self-aware of who they are. They eat humble pie for breakfast and look forward to a day full of learning as they serve their clients.

A self-aware sales professional reminds themselves on a daily basis...

  • I don't know everything about my client. So, what will I do about it?
  • I will stop pretending that I know a great deal about my client's business issues. I will strive to be authentic in learning about their issues. I won't fake that I know!
  • I am a student of my client's problems.
  • I am an opportunity creator for my clients.

Getting to know yourself allows you to tap into the road of happiness as this is critical to your success as a sales professional. Your beliefs, your attitude and your daily routines are mission critical.

Be brutally honest with yourself...

How clearly can you define YOU?

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

In 2016, I was recognized by ENX Magazine as, “The Difference Maker,” as someone who is making a difference inside the copier channel. I am passionate about helping sales reps succeed in creating their online brand image

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my LinkedIn stories. Integrating the use of LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive copier world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire B2B Office Technology Sales Professionals to grow new business by helping them tell their story and communicate integrating the use of social media. My commitment is to help office technology dealers thrive in a drastically changing marketplace. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast at Selling from the Heart.

Copier Sales Reps, Presidents Club & The Grind

I originally posted this blog back in 2011. As 2017 draws closer to closing, I thought it would be an appropriate blog for those of us that care about meeting or exceeding our quotas.  I could only hope that what I share can help inspire those that are new to our industry.

I really can't understand why there are sales people that just go through the motions and couldn't care less if they attained quota or was achieved Presidents Club.  I mean, where is the desire, determination and dedication to be the best?

Recently at the BTA East event, one of the main pain points for dealer principals is that they could not develop sales people that would stick around for a decent amount of time.

My take is that we are not identifying those that have DESIRE.  Desire can't be bought, can't be taught. You've either got it or don't have it.

I have a simple test during the interview for applicants.  Send me and email and I'll tell you what that is

Copier Sales Reps,  Presidents Club & The Grind

Another year has passed for me in the Office Equipment Industry.  I'll be starting my 32nd year in the Copier Business, with 30 of those years in "down the street" sales.

The start of a new year has always been a struggle for me, not work wise, but mentally. The end of every year includes closing as much business as you can, along with putting in an additional 20-30 hours in by the end of the month. I always remember that you're only as good as your last  month, quarter or year. 
The start of the new year means that I'm starting from scratch again, and I can see why so many reps can't or don't cut it in this business, it's a grind, every day, every month, every quarter and every year.  To tell you the truth it seems like the quarters and years are starting to fly by.  
Can't remember where I heard this, however it gets a good laugh every time I repeat it.   "Life is similar to a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end of the roll, the faster it goes!"

I've been fortunate in the last six months, sales have turned around somewhat even though margins are down. I was able to make the Presidents Club trip and the wife and I will be making a trip to Aruba in a few months for a few days of rest, sun, and warmth.  (This was my first real President's Club Trip, I had made President Club for may years, however the prize was a Sales Plague and a pat on the back)


Every month we have that sales quota.  But, what happens when you're on vacation?  Is it really a vacation?  What I mean is that,  if you've got a week or two weeks vacation do you still have to meet your monthly quota even thought you're not working for 25% or 50% of the month?

If I'm only working three weeks then why do I till have to cram a months worth of business in three weeks? My point, it's really not a vacation (yes, it's time off, but we're always working)  to me unless my quota is reduced.  I've been preaching this for years and finally got my point across and then the dealership I worked for was sold and I'm back to square one again.  I call that conditions, everything changes and you need to change with the times.

Getting ready for a new year needs me to focus on some new goals:

  • I don't want to be second, as Ricky Bobbie stated, if you're not first you're last!
  • I need to create a deeper pipeline of opportunities
  • I need to focus on higher dollar amounts
  • Get inspired every day!
  • I want to increase by earnings by 20% in 2011
  • Remember that if I'm not working hard, then one of my competitors is out working me

Set your goals for the new year, keep them on desk at work, and your desk at home.  Remember that you're only as good as your last sale, and you still need to prospect day in and day out, don't count on any one to give you a lead!  Do it on your own, keep your clients educated, and meet or exceed their expectations. 
-=Good Selling=-

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Third Week of September 2007)

Enjoy, I had to post this a week in advance.  Busy week with a golf event on Monday, then the SBB Print Audit Road Show on Wednesday and then BTA Gland Slam Wednesday & Thursday!  Hope to have some good stuff to report on from BTA & SBB.

Here they are from 10 years ago this week!


Weekend Notes from the Copier Industry 9/16/07

Production Printing Business Group. While the Ricoh branches will sell the product, service will still be handled by Kodak employees. This includes the NexPress 2100, 2100 Plus, 2500 and S3000 models, but does NOT include the NexPress M700, which is a relabeled Canon imagePRESS C7000VP. o Pitman Company, which has 18 locations in the U.S., will sell both NexPress color and DigiMaster b/w models. The Digimaster product, which ranges in speed from 110 to 150ppm, is also sold by DANKA, and relabeled by

Konica Minolta C450

Does anyone know if this is discontinued or about to be discontinued?Thanks

Xerox Unveils $60 Million Next Generation Toner

Xerox Unveils $60 Million Next Generation Toner Plant Xerox to use chemically-grown EA toners in additional digital printing systems. Better quality reproduction, lower costs cited. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The News: Xerox opens first of its kind, energy-efficient plant to produce EA Toner. The Background: Chemically grown toner produces sharp, high-quality color prints, and requires less toner per page. Driving the Growth: Xerox is

Help Needed Sharp ARM350 Print Controller Issue

Not sure where in the forum to put this as it is a question for some help from a dealer that is a Sharp dealer as well as Ricoh. So thought I would just try this general discussion for a start. We need some help to try to find a Product code for a Sharp ARM350 unit to enable the scan. We bought the product as a lease return and it came from the US (we are in Canada). In order to activate some of the features on these units you must have a product code for the unit which matches with the serial

Re: Konica Minolta C450

C450 was replaced by the C451 in June. We got a bulletin from Konica on June 8 that they were out of inventory on the C450. (The C451 is one very cool unit.) (Edited to attach Konica's press release about the C451 launch.)

New W2470 Brochure from Ricoh!

Its finally arrived! See attached brochure

Ricoh Cost Sheet

Can someone send me Ricoh's cost sheet on the Ricoh C3500 / Ricoh C4500? Thanks,

Ricoh Aficio SP3200SF

Ricoh is pleased to introduce the Aficio SP 3200SF Digital Imaging System, a single solution that can handle it all. Today’s small offices and workgroups are managing the same demanding workloads as many larger organizations. These offices still need access to the same tools and technology as large organizations but at the right size and budget. This compact and cost-effective MFP is a network-ready desktop monochrome laser printer, digital copier, Super G3 facsimile, and full-color scanner

Xerox Webcast To Discuss Color Print 'Breakthrough'

Xerox Webcast To Discuss Color Print 'Breakthrough' Xerox to Hold Webcast Sept. 24 on Market Breakthrough Color Printing Model, Making Color in the Office the Affordable Choice. STAMFORD, CT, September 19, 2007 - On Sept. 24, Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) will host a webcast to announce color printers and multifunction products that add to what is already the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The company is also launching a new pricing model that is a breakthrough in the market. Xerox

Re: Ricoh Aficio SP3200SF

electronics, with fiscal year 2006 sales in excess of $17 billion, an 8.4 percent increase over the previous year. Ricoh Americas Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions. Ricoh’s fully integrated hardware and software products help businesses share information efficiently and effectively by enabling customers to control the input, management and output of documents. Ricoh’s line of document management devices include, color and black & white digital imaging systems, facsimile products

Re: Prospecting in California

Operating Officer Gary Gulmon Chief Information Officer Thomas Alsborg Chief Financial Officer Stephen Ichinaga Senior Vice President and General Manager of Systems Integration Division Tim Rush Senior Vice President of Operations Michael R. Thomson Senior Vice President of Marketing and Services David Dennis Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Steve Jow Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales Christopher Caldwell Senior Vice President of Global Business Development Charlotte Chou Senior Vice

Re: Leads in Quebec

and services to support expanding operations The company announced the opening of its wholly owned subsidiary Pixman U.S.A. The new location will facilitate the selling process of Pixman solutions in the U.S. and offer a higher level of local customer service. The company will hire a local sales team, place resources in key locations, and expand into other areas of U.S. market by establishing a value-added reseller network. It is negotiating partnerships with promotional and field marketing

Re: Sales Tips

Tracking data When selling, it's important to keep track of the numbers. It is important for many reasons. Keep track of: 1. The number of dials you make 2. Messages left 3. People you reach 4. First appointments made 5. Number of people who give three "No's". 6. Messages returned 7. Number of new leads added to the intranet We will also be tracking total number of sales visits and number of sales. Eventually, we'll get a handle on the value of our pipeline. Then we can work out how many calls


. DSS is committed to creating new “document-centric” customer value that will revolutionize how individuals and businesses use digital and paper-based information. DSS offers a complete package of products, services and support programs to all of our channels, comprising of direct and indirect operations under the Ricoh, Savin and Lanier brands. Ricoh Americas Corporation, founded in 1962, is headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., and is a subsidiary of the $17 billion Ricoh Company Ltd., the

Re: Leads in Colorado

to support increased sales activities tools and services for product development activities products and services to support growth in target markets, including marketing, research and advertising services PARTNERS none stated PEOPLE Steve Serati President Kelly Gregorak Director of Sales and Marketing OFFICE(S) Boulder Nonlinear Systems Inc. (BNS) 450 Courtney Way #107 Lafayette, CO 80026 Phone Number: 303-604-0077 Toll Free: 866-466-0506 Fax Number: 303-604-0066 http://www

Re: Leads in Virginia

PrecisionIR Group WHAT IT DOES It provides online investor relations services and web-based communication solutions to publicly traded companies. EVENT 9/12/2007-Announced a new Vice President of Sales OPPORTUNITIES potential opportunity to provide... products and services to support increased sales activities recruiting services for sales professionals products and services to support a field sales force Jeffrey Lubitz is Vice President of Sales in North America. He

Re: Leads in Washington

Brown was promoted to Vice President of Alliances and Partnerships; he was previously Vice President of Marketing. He also worked in sales and marketing management with Visio Corporation. Mr. Brown earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and a master of business administration from Boston College. Daniel Jewett is Vice President of Product Management, responsible for developing and communicating overall product strategy. He previously held management positions with Hyperion

Re: Prospecting in Florida

development activities tools and services for software and application development recruiting services for developers and engineers PARTNERS none stated PEOPLE Peter Pezaris President and Founder Michael Gersh Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Hersh Vice President of Business Development OFFICE(S) Multiply Inc. 6001 Park of Commerce Blvd. Suite 300 Boca Raton, FL 33487 Phone Number: 561-443-5566 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NeoMedia

Re: Leads in Maryland

kajeet Inc. WHAT IT DOES It provides a pay-as-you-go cell phone service for kids. EVENT 9/10/2007-$36.80 million in a Series B round of funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund OPPORTUNITIES company expects funds to be used for... expanding its wireless services expanding retail distribution potential opportunity to provide... products and services to support increased sales activities services to support increased business development activities tools and

Re: Leads in Mass

Akorri Inc. WHAT IT DOES It provides cross-domain performance management software for automated visibility and analysis across the virtualized data center. EVENT 9/10/2007-$15.00 million in a Series C round of funding led by Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners OPPORTUNITIES company expects funds to be used for... expanding partnerships expanding product development and professional services expanding sales and marketing efforts potential opportunity to

Re: Leads in Ontario

Relations Manager 613-966-8058 (x1250) OFFICE(S) Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. 231 Dundas Street East Belleville, Ontario K8N 1E2 Canada Phone Number: 613-966-8058 Toll Free: 800-265-5464 Fax Number: 613-966-4177 Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. NRC Biotechnology Research Institute 6100 Royalmount Avenue Montreal, Quebec H4P 2R2 Canada Phone Number: 514-496-7723 Fax Number: 514-496-7725 Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. 1551 Jennings Mill Road Suite 3200A Bogart, GA 30622 Phone

Re: Leads in Texas

WHAT IT DOES It develops implantable spine systems and instrumentation that restore optimum stability and mobility to patients. EVENT 9/13/2007-$25.00 million in a Series C round of funding led by Telegraph Hill Partners OPPORTUNITIES company expects funds to be used for... expansion potential opportunity to provide... products and services to support increased sales activities products and services to support a field sales force marketing services to support product or service launch products and

InfoPrint Launches Developer Support Program

InfoPrint Launches Developer Support Program Industry-leading initiative marries color heritage with partner collaboration. Technology partners to collaborate with InfoPrint’s team of experts to allow effective planning and testing of output solutions prior to implementation. Chicago, IL, September 9, 2007 – InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today launches the InfoPrint Solutions Developer Program. The initiative, the most comprehensive in the commercial print

NEW C2000SPF Color!!

Ricoh is pleased to introduce the new MP C2000 Color Digital Imaging System. The Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 Color Digital Imaging System is the most advanced color-enabled MFP on the market today with everything your customer requires to copy, print, scan, store, and fax documents. This system joins the already successful Ricoh Aficio MP C2500/ MP C3000 & MP C3500/ C4500 Series in the Ricoh color line-up. The Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 incorporates all of the outstanding technologies that make our

DSm735e (B296)

The toner and developer for this model is different from previous models. Ricoh says this is explained in Bulletin #2. Can someone share this bulletin with me? Thanks
-=Good Selling=-

Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Four, Course One

Another three days and we're bringing you Part Four in our blog series for our Color Label Press University.  Just and FYI for everyone.  At the top of each blog you'll see color label press icon.  Clicking that link which is at the top of each blog will then bring you the collection of blogs for Color Label Press University.  It's pretty neat, you'll see all of the blogs that we've posted for an easier read and simple way to toggle from blog to blog.

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One

(Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)

Bounce:  The abnormal reaction to compression, which results in erratic rotational movement of the cylinders, causing missed or imperfect impressions. Can also occur with a rotary die causing imperfect die cutting.

Break:  A term used to denote a tear in a roll of face material or release liner. Such defects are generally spliced and marked by a protruding flag.

Breaking:  The operation of passing material over a dull edge which 'breaks' the adhesive layer, retarding curl and improving water absorption when remoistened for use.

Brightness:  The reflectivity of a sheet of paper for blue light measured under standardized conditions on a particular instrument designed and calibrated specifically for the purpose. Strictly speaking, brightness is not a colormetric quantity.

Burn:   Common term used for printing plate exposure.

Bursting Perf:   A fold perforation that permits mechanical bursting.

Bursting Strength:  The pressure required to rupture a material specimen when it is tested in a specified instrument under specified conditions. It is largely determined by the tensile strength and extensibility of the material.

Butt Cut Labels:   Rectangular labels in continuous form separated by a single knife cut to the liner across the web.

Butt Labels:   See butt cut labels.

Butt Roll:   See stub roll.

Butt Splice:  An end to end joining of two similar materials. For continuity of surface, design, etc. Often used in joining stickyback, printing plates and webs of substrates in process.

Butted Rectangles:   Die cut rectangles butted to each other with no around and/or across matrix to remove.

C1S:   Paper Abbreviation for coated one side paper.

CAD:  Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Makeup or Manufacturing.

Caking:   The collecting of dried ink upon rollers and plates.

Calender Cuts:   Defects caused by creasing or cutting of the web of paper during calendering due to wrinkles in the web.

Calender Finished:   A term applied to any paper with a surface glazed by means of a calender stack.

Caliper:   The thickness of paper, usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (mils).

Camera-Ready:  Copy which is ready for photography. See artwork.

Carrier:  Sometimes used to refer to the liner material of pressure sensitive labels. Also a term sometimes used to describe the stock to which two layers of adhesive are applied in a double adhesive construction.

Cast Coated:   A high-gloss enamel finish.

Cast Coated Paper:   A paper, the coating of which is allowed to harden or set while in contact with a finished casting surface.

Cast Film:   Plastic sheeting manufactured by the casting process, as opposed to the extruding process.

Cast Vinyl:  Vinyl sheeting manufactured by coating a liquid vinyl acetate or similar ester onto a casting paper and curing in a heated oven.

Catalyst:  A substance which has the capability of initiating or accelerating the speed of a reaction between two or more substances when introduced into their presence.

Cavity:  Usually refers to the engraving on a rotary die cutter that die cuts a single shape.

Cell:   A small engraved or etched depression in an anilox roll that carries the ink to the plate.

Cellulose:   Fibrous substance of wood, cotton and other vegetable matter.

Centigrade:   A scale of temperature which features 0 and 100 degrees as the freezing and boiling points of water. Also called Celsius.

Centipoise:   One hundred of a poise; a unit for measuring viscosity.

Central Impression:  A press with a number of printing units around a large cylinder which serves as the impression cylinder against which the substrate rides.

Ceramic Anilox Roll:  Engraved inking roll used in flexographic printing. New techniques in manufacturing allow for vastly improved anilox roll performance and life.

Chalking:  A form of coating deterioration characterized by the formation of a loose, chalk-like powder on the film surface.

Character:  A single group of bars and spaces which represent an individual number, letter or punctuation mark.

Charge:   Usually refers to the degree or type of electrical property carried by a substrate.

Check Digit:  A digit included within a symbol whose value is based mathematically on other characters included in the symbol. It is used for the purpose of performing a mathematical check to ensure the accuracy of the read.

Checking:   The presence of hair line carcks in a varnish coating, a lacquer coating, a film or in an adhesive coating. Crazing.

Chemical Curing:   The setting or curing of an adhesive, coating or sealer brought about by the addition of a catalyst or accelerator.

Chemical Resistance:  The resistance of a pressure sensitive label to the deteriorating effects resulting from exposure to chemicals under specified conditions.

Chill Roll:  Metal roll or drum cooled internally with water, etc. Often used after the press dryer to cool the printed web prior to die cutting, rewinding, etc.

Choke:  An image whose edges have been pulled inslightly from those of the original. The image area remains essentially the same except for a narrow strip of reduction around its perimeter.

Chokes and Spreads:  Overlaps of overprinting images to prevent color fringes or white borders around image detail due to slight misregister during printing.

Chromatic Scale:  The colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Circumferential Register:  See running register.

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Top Ten Copier Quotes & Proposals for August 2017

Special thanx to all of those Print4Pay Hotel members that emailed me these quotes and proposals! 

I lost a potential order the other day.  I lost because I was not aware of what my competitors practices were with escalating service rates.  You know what I'm talking about, we all have them, we all don't speak about them unless the topic is brought up.  In this case, the topic was brought up and I answered with the appropriate response.  After obtaining a copy of the proposal, I found out why I lost.  Having that proposal will save my butt next time, because I will not forget and will be ready when I run up against the same competitor.

This is why you need to keep tabs on what others are doing in our industry. One little tidbit of data can save your ass and or get you the next deal.


Samsung SL-X75002017-09-10_0-35-022017-09-10_0-51-54Sharp MX 4070 p4p

2017-09-11_8-42-352017-09-10_0-46-392017-09-10_1-01-39Samsung CLX8640


You can access a Premium/VIP Membership here.

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Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Three, Course One

I'm back on a roll!   Just a few days ago we posted up the second blog for "Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Two, Course One". We're off and running with Part 3 today.

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

Interesting, just from posting up the glossary of terms, I'm becoming familiar with the type of language that's used in the color label business.  It's all about learning their language, and once you've mastered all of the terms you can have the special conversation with your client. 

The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One

(Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)

Autoclave:  A pressurized, steam heated vessel generally used for sterilization. In label application, label must endure a cooking process by superheated steam under pressure.

Back Printing:  Refers to printing on the underside of a pressure sensitive substrate or laminate, i.e. on the adhesive or back of liner.

Back Split:   See split back.

Background:  The area surrounding a printed symbol.

Backing:  Refers to the carrier sheet of material in a pressure sensitive lamination as opposed to the face material. Usually has a release coating applied so that the adhesive will not stick too tightly to it. Release liner, backing paper, carrier, etc.

Bagginess:   A slack, floppy area usually caused by gauge variation. The material has been stretched and is actually longer in that area.

Ball-Up:  Specific term to describe the tendency of an adhesive to stick to itself; cohesiveness. Such an adhesive, when rolled between fingers, will not spread smoothly but will roll up in small spheres.

Bar:   The dark element of a printed bar code symbol.

Bar Code:  In optical reading, a system of symbols which identifies data through length, position size or thickness of lines or symbols. Codes are normally machine printed.

Bar Code Density:   The number of characters which can be represented in a lineal inch.

Bar Code Reader:   A device used to identify and read a bar code symbol.

Bar Length:   The bar dimension perpendicular to the bar width.

Bar Width:   The thickness of a bar measured from the edge closest to the symbol start character to the trailing edge of the same bar.

Bar Width Reduction:   Reduction of the nominal bar width dimension on film masters or printing plates to compensate for printing gain.

Bare Cylinder Diameter:   The diameter of the actual plate cylinder, before the stickyback and plates are mounted.

Barrier Coat:  A coating applied to the face material on the side opposite to the printing surface to provide increased opacity to the face material and/or to prevent migration between adhesive and the face material and improve anchorage of adhesive to face material. Sealer coat.

Base:  The major constituent, other than pigments and filler, comprising the non-volatile portion of an adhesive, coating or sealer compound.

Base Roll:   See anvil roll.

Basic Sheet Size:   The size of a sheet of paper which is used to determine paper weight. Sizes vary depending on the type of stock.

Basis Weight:  The weight in pounds of a ream of paper cut to a given size. Most backing papers used in pressure sensitive laminations are based on a ream size of 24" x 36"/500's. Face papers are more typically 25" x 38"/500's.

Batch Counter:   Device used on a sheeter/stacker to count and group sheeted labels.

Bearer:  Type-high supports mounted or molded around each end of a printing plate to help carry part of the impression load and to help prevent bounce. Also the load bearing surfaces(s) of a rotary die, usually positioned at each end of the die.

Bearing Block:  A device that holds the die in place and upon which pressure is added so as to effect the actual die cutting function. Pressure is almost always applied directly over the bearers at each end of the die.

Biax:  Biaxially oriented material, that is, oriented in the machine and transverse directions.

Bi-Directional Read:   The ability to read data successfully whether the scanning motion is left to right or right to left.

Bi-Directional Symbol:   A bar code symbol which permits reading in complementary directions.

Binder:   The component of an ink that supplies the cohesiveness.

Bit:   An abbreviation for 'binary digit'. A single character in a binary number.

Black-And-White:   Originals or reproductions in single color or monochrome, usually refers to artwork.

Bleed:   When the printed image extends beyond the trim edge of the label, it is called bleed.

Bleed-Through:   See penetration-migration.

Bleeding:  The diffusion or migration of an ink component or dye into an area where it is not wanted. The spreading or running of a pigment color by action of a solvent. Also the diffusion of migration of an adhesive component into the face material.

Blocking:  Undesired adhesion between the plies in rolls of pressure sensitive stock usually due to adhesive ooze, improper drying of inks, or improper curing of coatings, often to the extent that damage to at least one surface is visible upon their separation if they can in fact be separated.

Blocking Test :  A test used in measuring the tendency of surface-to-surface sticking.

Blowup:   An enlargement.

Body Stock:   See face material.

Bold Face:   Heavy face, in contrast to light face type. Used for emphasis, captions, subheadings, etc.

Bold-Face Type:   Name given to type that is heavier than text type with which it is used.

Bond:   To attach materials together by adhesives.

Bonding Range:  The time during which satisfactory bonds can be made. A bonding range of from 10 to 30 minutes indicates that maximum bonds can be achieved between 10 and 30 minutes.

Bonding Strength:  In paper, the force with which the fibers adhere to each other. In surface coatings, such as inks and adhesives, the strength with which the dried coating adheres to the surface of the substrate. Also refers to the degree of adhesion of a pressure sensitive face material to any surface.

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Brutal Honesty: How Self Reflection Is Essential To Becoming A Better Sales Professional

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful."
Margaret J. Wheatley

You make the calls, you take care of your clients, you prospect, you lose some opportunities and you close deals as it’s the never-ending cycle of a hard-working sales professional. However, most in sales find themselves repeating the same sales tactics over and over again expecting different results. Quite frankly, the definition of sales insanity.

As a sales professional, you should constantly reflect back upon your personal performance. What helped you to succeed during the day, week or month? What caused you to lose a deal?

How are you as a sales professional continually evaluating yourself to improve to become better at what you do?

Allen R. McConnell, Ph.D., the James and Beth Lewis Professor of Psychology at Miami University, noted the importance of self-reflection several years ago stating it is also a necessary part of attaining goals, self-improvement and positive change. In order for change to occur there must first be awareness – a state of being that can come through self-reflection.

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
 Carl Jung


Benjamin Franklin said it best, "early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." I have learned to enjoy early mornings. I found going to bed earlier and training my brain to wake up earlier has led me to become more productive.

Think about capturing the first hour of every morning to set aside and self-reflect.

Every day ask yourself...

  • Who am I?
  • What am I most proud of?
  • What am I most grateful for?
  • What did I actually do yesterday?
  • What did I learn yesterday that I can apply to today to become a better person?

Self-reflection allows us to understand what is important, and focus on what might be done differently.

If I can’t lead myself, how could I possibly lead other people?

It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to day aspects of life that we forget to pause, self-reflect; taking a look at the bigger picture - life. Slow down by taking time early in the morning to think about your life is extremely helpful in creating a better sense of you are, who you want to be, and how you will get there. 


Each person has their own way of self-reflection. For myself, self-reflection is about letting my past experiences, endeavors, encounters, or actions pass within my mind, form an opinion so I can learn from it.

More importantly, it is a way to uncover whether I am still on track or what needs to be done to refocus. I find not self-reflecting every morning means accepting risk, the risk that I will not be able to learn from my failures or that I might lose track of how I want to develop as a person.

Think about leading your life as opposed to life leading you.


Take a pen and a piece of paper out daily and journal as you self-reflect. In quiet solitude, reflect on your successes as you uncover what led to them. What was it you did which led to your success?

The same goes for failure; what did I do which led to the failure? Most importantly, how can I avoid it in future?

Contrast what you did in order to achieve success as a sales professional versus what you did that ended in failure, uncover what did you do differently?

Look to uncover why you “failed,” were you less motivated or less excited thus you weren't working as hard, lacking the dedication needed to achieve your desired level of success.


What are your personal and business goals? What do you want to achieve in 1, 3 and 5 years? I find it important to review and reflect upon both short-term and mid- term timeframes. Looking too far ahead can be a distraction since many things in your personal and business life can be influenced by many different factors.

Goals can include your career or business, your social life, improving your health, sports and fitness, even improving your mindset as the list could be endless.

Ask yourself the following question...

  • Are the things you are doing right now are they likely to help you reach your goals?

Setting the time aside to self-reflect, reviewing your goals regularly as you evaluate whether these are still realistic and obtainable.


Give, and you shall receive. As a sales professional how are you helping your clients do better business? How are you giving back to the community you live in?

My motto has always been to help first as this comes back tenfold in return.

Self-reflect, ask yourself... Am I doing what I can in my community to help those in need? Try giving something back to your friends, colleagues, family and most importantly your clients. Help where they all need it the most. Don't ask questions, just do it!

Self-reflection is never easy, but for sales professionals this is the difference between just getting by and making it happen. Self-reflection is hard work. It's like looking into the mirror and asking the questions and having to answer them. You're in charge of your own sales career.

What's your plan, what do you need to do and when will you get there? It is totally up to you! Now go open the door to success!

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. Every day, I walk in your shoes. I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

In 2016, I was recognized by ENX Magazine as, “The Difference Maker,” as someone who is making a difference inside the copier channel. I am passionate about helping sales reps succeed in creating their online brand image

You can find more advanced training material inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my LinkedIn stories. Integrating the use of LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive copier world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire B2B Office Technology Sales Professionals to grow new business by helping them tell their story and communicate integrating the use of social media. My commitment is to help office technology dealers thrive in a drastically changing marketplace. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast at Selling from the Heart.

Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Two, Course One

Funny, I was hoping to post of these each week for the next 12 weeks or so.  It's been a month since I posted the first blog for "Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part One, Course One".

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

If you have plans on attending BTA East this week in Philly, please make some time to visit Muratec. The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One

(Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)

Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive:  A type of adhesive which in dry form is aggressively tacky at room temperature. It has the capability of promoting a bond to dissimilar surfaces on contact, with pressure.

Adhesive, Removable:  An adhesive characterized by relatively high cohesive strength and low ultimate adhesion. It can be removed easily from most surfaces. Some adhesive transfer could take place depending on the affinity of the adhesive to the surface.

Adhesive Residue:  The pressure sensitive adhesive remaining behind on a surface due to cohesive or priming failure when a pressure sensitive label is removed from that surface.

Adhesive Skip:  The absence of adhesive in some areas of film or paper label stock.

Adhesive Splitting:  Failure within the adhesive mass when labels are under stress or removed. If splitting occurs, part of the adhesive will remain on the labelled surface and part on the face material.

Adhesive Strike-Through When adhesive penetrates through the face material of a pressure sensitive lamination.

Adhesive Transfer:   The transfer of adhesive from its normal position on the label to the surface to which the label was attached.

Affinity:   An attraction or polar similarity between adhesive and adherend.

Aged Release:  The force required to remove a release liner from an adhesive after a measured period of time, often at elevated temperatures.

Aging:   The change or changes undergone by a material as a result of the passage of time.

Air Dried Forced:   (usually heated) air drying of coatings or inks.

Alcohol:   A group of organic solvents widely used in flexographic inks.

Alignment:  Refers to the relative alignment of the printing stations to each other and to the die stations on a label press. The relative position of a scanner or light source to a bar code.

Alligatoring:  Term describing the appearance of an adhesive, coating or sealer film that is cracked into large segments. Cracking or crazing.

Ambient Temperature:   A term used to denote the temperature of the surrounding air.

Analysis:  The separation of a substance or mixture of substances into the component parts, so that a knowledge of the percent composition can be obtained.

Anchor Coat:  A coating applied to the surface of a substrate to effect or increase the adhesion of subsequent coatings; primer, tie coat or pre-coat.

Anchorage:   The specific adhesion of a pressure sensitive adhesive to a face material or an anchor coat.

Aniline Dyes:  Coal-tar derivatives classified according to the degree of fastness to light or brightness. Basic dyes have extreme brightness, but are not fast to light. Acid dyes are less brilliant, but have greater light fastness. Direct dyes are much more fade resistant than basics and, in some cases, than acid dyes.

Aniline Printing:   Early name for rubber plate printing, using fast-drying fluid inks.

Anilox Inking:  In flexography, a two roll inking system consisting of a smooth roll which dips in an ink trough and transfers the ink to an etched metal roll with wells of fixed size that transfer the ink controllably to the plate.

Anilox Roll:  Mechanically engraved steel and chrome coated metering roll used in flexo presses to meter a controlled film of ink from the contacting rubber covered doctor roller to the printing plates which print the web. Volume of ink is affected by the cell count per linear inch and dimension of the cell and cell wall of the engraving. Sometimes manufactured from copper and chromium plated steel but ceramic coated rolls, which are then laser etched, are becoming more common.

Antioxidants Agents which retard the action of oxygen in substances subject to oxidation.

Antistatic:   Agents Ingredients in coatings that make the coating antistatic.

Antistatic Coatings:  Coatings applied to one or both surfaces of a substrate to reduce the electrostatic build up so that the material can be further processed, I.e. sheeted and stacked.

Anvil Cut Labels:  A pressure sensitive label which has been die-cut through all components of the label stock, including liner material; steel to steel cut.

Anvil Roll:  Hardened steel roll upon which the bearers of a rotary die cutter ride which also provides the hardened surface for die cutting.

Application:   Refers to a pressure sensitive label actually being adhered to a product.

Application Temperature:  Temperature at the time the label is applied. Most adhesives have a minimum application temperature rating. Testing is recommended when approaching this temperature.

Applicator:   A device that automatically feeds and applies pressure sensitive labels to a product.

Applicator:   Roll Coating, print, tint, lacquer or varnish roller that actually applies any of these to a substrate.

Aqueous:  Water containing or water based. Refers to adhesive or inking systems which use water as the carrier or vehicle.

Aqueous Inks:   Inks produced utilizing a water base.

Artificial Aging:  The accelerated testing of specimens to determine the change in properties, carried out over a short period of time. Such tests are indicative of what may be expected of a material under actual service conditions over extended periods.

Artwork:  The original design including drawings and text produced by the artist. All elements of the design from which the black and white art and printing plates are made. Also refers to all elements of the black and white production art.

Aspect Radio:   The ratio of height to width of a bar code symbol.

Auto Ignition Point:   The temperature at which mixtures of solvent vapor and air will ignite without the aid of a spark or flame

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This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Second Week of September 2007)

Print 17 aka Graph Expo starts tomorrow in Chicago.  I was able to attend last years event in Orlando, however the thought of flying to Chicago and the need to still perform in my day job led me to opt out of Print 17.

I did notice that many of the threads below are from Graph Expo back in 2007.  Thus, you may want to relive those glory days for the imagePRESS C7000VP, or maybe the KonicaMinolta  PRO C5500.  BTW, there some really cools sales threads at then at the end of the blog. I'm checking them out as soon as I finish posting this up.  Enjoy!

Weekend Notes from 9/7/2007

conducted by, image quality is poor § Optional extended warranties do NOT include supplies (toner, drum, fuser, etc.) - GBC announced new in-line options to punch holes in output from production print engines so that the output can be used with GBC Comb Binding machines. These in-line punching systems will be available for: o Ricoh o Xerox o Toshiba o Canon - Toshiba launched new black/white MFP, the e-STUDIO™450s & 500s offering: o adjustable touch screen LCD o letter/legal

Konica Minolta Launches bizhub PRO C5500 Color Production Print System

RAMSEY, N.J. – September 5, 2007– Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. ( Konica Minolta ), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies from the desktop to the print shop, today announced the introduction of the bizhub PROTM C5500 digital color production printing system . Based on the design and technology of the bizhub PRO C6500, which launched last October, the bizhub PRO C5500 digital printing system delivers up to 55 pages per minute (ppm) in both color and

New Printers From Canon On GRAPH EXPO

, Canon is providing the tools to get it done.” Representing the largest R&D investment in Canon’s history, the imagePRESS C7000VP, along with a host of imagePRESS Workflow Solutions hardware and software, will be running realistic print applications in the booth. In addition, customers will be able to learn how Canon’s Essential Business Builder program, customized mentoring and business development tools for Canon’s digital presses can help them build a successful digital print business. The Company

Re: Konica Minolta Launches bizhub PRO C5500 Color Production Print System

server provides full VDP functionality, including imposition. It supports all leading VDP formats including PPML, Optimized PDF, Optimized PostScript and VPS (Variable Print Specification). See the bizhub PRO C6500, featuring the IC-304 Controller with Service Pack 2, in action at the 2007 GRAPH EXPO® in Konica Minolta’s booth (# 4436) from September 9-12, 2007. About Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. ( ), a

New Ricoh Unit Dedicated To Production Print

of data center, in-plant and graphic arts environments. Team Assembled During the past several years, Ricoh has been preparing to enter the production printing market. Now, with a dedicated direct sales team, channel operations, and solutions engineers working to define, build, implement and support production solutions, customers have a new alternative as they evaluate vendor offerings. A portfolio of proven, and evolving monochrome and color products, and best-in-class alliance partners

Re: Konica Minolta Launches bizhub PRO C5500 Color Production Print System

is available now through Konica Minolta’s North American direct sales and authorized dealer partners. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the bizhub C30PX is $2,570, and the MSRP for the bizhub C30P is $2,271. About Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. ( ), a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, brings together unparalleled advances in security

Re: Duplicators Gone Wild?

Art, Looks great Here at Graph Expo... Interestingly Ricoh has added the high end Kodak products to their booth in a "Strategic Alliance Program" Ricoh sells it and gets a finders fee, Kodak gets all the salel, install,service , and aftermarket, what a deal, where can we sign The same will be happening with IBM in the future, or maybe IBM management blended into Ricoh, Savin, Lanier Management...Just what they need another group of senior useless managers... Today will have more

Canon/HP Edgeline pricing

First quote I have seen on the HP.

Standard Xerox Features

Looks like Xerox is now coming standard with Data Overwrite.

Up Coming Ricoh Launches

Sept 07 MP c2000 series SP 3200 SF (Samsung CMC2) MP 2500 MP 2500spf SP W2470 wide format printer only Nov 07 SP 1000sf SP C400DN(Printer) GX3000S (Gelsprinter) GX3050SF (Gelsprinter) GX3050SFN (Gelsprinter) GX 7000 (Gelsprinter) GX 2500 (Gelsprinter) Jan 08 MP C6000 (Color) MP C7500 (Color) MP 2550B MP 2550SP MP 2550SPF MP 3350B MP 3350SP MP 3350SPF MP 4000B MP 4000SP MP 4000SPF MP 5000B MP 5000SP MP 5000SPF Perseus-P1a SP C220N Perseus-P1b SP C221N Perseus-P1c SP C222N Perseus-MF1a TBA


Ricoh is pleased to announce the introduction of the new MP 2500 Digital Imaging Systems. The Aficio MP 2500 series builds upon the best features of two existing products – the Aficio MP 2000 and the Aficio MP 2510. The Ricoh Aficio MP 2500 adopts the simpler, compact and affordable engine and controller of the MP 2000 with the faster speed, greater productivity and advanced finishing capabilities of the MP 2510. By streamlining these features into one product, the Aficio MP 2500 allows for

Re: B&W vs. Color pages

here you go

Re: MLP36n Print Drivers

refund their money. They went and bought another HP that they knew would feed the envelopes. Until Ricoh comes out with software that will talk to the printer, this boy won't be selling envelope feeders, unless it is a GelSprinter.

SDG Newsletter

Bahia Principie Akumal Club Golden —a five-star, all-inclusive resort located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Riviera. It’s paradise personified, and it can be YOURS by achieving $100,000 U.S. (sales totals will be calculated using Print Director/Ricoh’s MSRP pricing) or more in Print Director software sales! The Gran Bahia Principie all inclusive features: five restaurants, six bars, sporting activities, diving, spa, horseback riding, sailing, mini-golf, professional shows, entertainment


efficiencies. DSS is committed to creating new “document-centric” customer value that will revolutionize how individuals and businesses use digital and paper-based information. DSS offers a complete package of products, services and support programs to all of our channels, comprising of direct and indirect operations under the Ricoh, Savin and Lanier brands. Ricoh Americas Corporation, founded in 1962, is headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., and is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 71-year old

Re: MP161 network connection problem

Make sure WINS Server is turned off unless the customer has a WINS Server. Ricoh "out-of-the-box" have WINS ENABLED with the IP ADDRESS of I have seen this to cause a DNS issue when trying to resolve names to IP address for PC on the network. Also, you MUST set the SMB Domain/workgroup correctly or it will not find any PC's on the LAN. The default SMB workgroup/domain name programmed in the MP161 is WORKGROUP. If that is not the customers workgroup/domain name then you WILL get that

Re: Scan To Email

By default MS exchange will not let you scan to email outside of your current domain. Attached is a document showing how to make the needed change on the mail server.

Re: Canon/HP Edgeline pricing

That's interesting. Does anyone know if Danka is going to be selling these nationally, or just regionally? Interesting enough, I was in training for PrintFleet today, and this product was discussed as a big threat.

Re: New Ricoh Unit Dedicated To Production Print

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ricoh Web Site: CONTACT: Russell Marchetta Brian Gawron Ricoh Americas Corporation Peppercom (973) 882-2075 (212) 931-6167 RICOH SHOWCASES PRINT PRODUCTION PRODUCTS AT GRAPH EXPO 2007 CHICAGO, September 9, 2007 – Ricoh Americas Corporation is showcasing a wide variety of hardware and software solutions that help streamline document workflow in high-volume print production environments

Re: Sales Tips

An important part of selling is to keep track of the ratios and numbers so you can understand your pipeline and improve it. How many calls does it take to get an appointment? How many appointments does it take to get a sale? And so on. Eventually, you'll find that it generally takes 10 calls to make an appointment and 10 appointments to make a sale, for instance. Then you'll realize that if you made 1000 calls last month and made $5000, then you'll want to make 2000 calls to make $10,000. Once

Re: Sales Tips

Suppose you make 100 calls one month and get 20 appointments for the next month, but that next month you're busy going to appointments so you didn't make any calls -- how many appointments will you have on the third month? None. That's because you didn't feed the pipeline. Of course, if you've done any sales already, you're quick to realize that If you made $20000 in sales this month, it's because you made 2000 calls last month. Or something like that. That's the sales pipeline in reality. You


manufacturing, research, design and development process gives the company a significant competitive advantage over other companies who are dependent upon vendors for various core hardware & software components. Samsung dedicates a significant portion of its printing global revenue and scientists to the research and development (R&D) of new printing technologies. This technology investment formula is already prevalent in other committed technologies such as: LCD panel, CDMA handset and DRAM
-=Good Selling=-

A Short Sales Tip That Can Help You Close More Business

You've demo'd that shiny new copier for your print shop Decision Maker, pricing is no longer the issue, maintenance pricing is fine, the copier operation was flawless, and you don't feel comfortable with using a drop close to secure the order.  Yet, you can move the deal forward.

You have a suspicion that if you could just add a little more value to the deal, that you might be able to close the order now.  Makes you think, what in the world can I add that would increase the value of my copier or services and it won't cost me anything?

With at least a half dozen print shop DM's, I was able to close the order with this value add. 

I offered to cold call once a week for one month at no cost.  I stated that the print shop would supply the their business cards, their flyers and or handouts.  I had asked for about one hundred hand outs and then dedicated one day a week for the next four weeks to cold call on behalf of the print shop. 

I asked  the owner to print a few hundred statement size note pads with the name of his print shop, address, and the phone number. In addition, I asked that owner go out and buy a large bag of hard candies.  The process was to put to two pads together with a 1/2 dozen candies and shrink wrap them together for the handout.  This made one neat handout and I didn't have one cold call that refused the handouts.

At the end of the day, I reported back to the DM, made copies of the business cards and reported on any hot prospects that I found. I left the original business cards with the owner and kept the copies for my self.  Can you guess what I di with those copies? 

I can remember finding one prospect who needed 5,000 color prints/copies.  The printer I was cold calling for was elated when he was able to secure the order and of course those 5,000 color pages were printed on one of my color devices.

What's the method to the madness here?  Well, in addition to cold calling for the Print Shop, I was also scouting and prospecting for net new clients for copiers. 

I didn't mind doing the cold calls  because I knew one of my weaknesses was cold calling. I have no probably doing it, but it always seemed that I would put it off for another day.  I was able to kill two birds with one stone.

Thus, there were no wasted selling days on my part, since I was working to jobs at the same time.  BTW, this is something you could use for almost any type of account, probably not enterprise, however this will work with most SMB accounts.

-=Good Selling=-

I'll be posting up more of these in the upcoming weeks

Five Reasons Why I'm Stoked About the New Ricoh SP8400DN Printer

It's been some time since I've blogged about a print device and there's a couple of reasons for that.  One is the fact that there has not been a device in recent months that has piqued my interest, and the second reason is that I've tried to enjoy more of my summer evenings and not be tied to a PC.  At my age, you're just not sure how many more summer evenings you're going to have.  Thus, it's time to start enjoying!

The new SP8400DN could prove to be a valuable asset while we're in the process of knocking out competitive devices in the field.  Below you'll find my top five talking points that I will point out to prospects.

1)  If there is no need to copy or scan, but there's a need to print at a high speed then the Ricoh SP8400DN would be an excellent choice.  The print speed rolls in at an astounding sixty pages per minute.  Thus, the SP8400DN can fill some print only workflows in the office.

2) The optional 4-bin mailbox also makes a lot of sense when there are multiple users that need to print to the device.  Just this AM, I grabbed a print job off our work group copier and I was surprised when I picked up another employees bank transactions.  Having your own dedicated print mailbox would eliminate the chance of picking up someone else's print job.

3) Black toner yield of 51,000 pages and the MSRP is $93 for the cartridge.  Thus, the cost per page for toner comes in at .00183 per page. The SP8400DN would be perfect under a "device billing" maintenance plan. Not sure what device billing is?  Post a comment in the reply section and I can tell you more about that.

4) Internal Multi-Folding Unit FD3000 allows for Z-Fold, Half-Fold & Tri-Folding with the options for folding the printed side in or out.  The FD3000 can be installed with or with out a finisher. In addition the device can fold letter, legal and tabloid size paper.  The folding settings can be viewed and changed from the SP8400DN printer properties settings or in the detailed settings page that is located on the tablet style interface of the device. 

5) Hybrid 1,000-sheet Staple/Stapleless Finisher is interesting to say the least.  In order for clients to take advantage of stapleless finishing, clients could only purchase a stapleless finishing device.  There was no option to have stapleless and staple finishing in the same device.  That's changed with the new Hybrid finisher.  Clients can now choose whether the want staples or to use the stapleless feature.  Please keep in mind that the stapleless option will only bind (stapleless) documents between 2-5 pages.

There you have, five really cool items to have a conversation with your client(s) for the new Ricoh SDP8400DN printer.

One more neat feature for you

The mandatory security information print can be a great selling feature also.  Especially for those administrators that want to control security for all of those printed pages.   With the mandatory security print turned on, the SP8400DN will lay down a security stamp on every printed page.  Data such as time, date, owner, IP address and serial number of the device can be stamped on every printed page.  Nice way to deter from distributing secure information.

-=Good Selling=

Are You Growing Your Competitors Next Great Client?

A massive challenge for anyone in sales is prospecting for net new business while trying to retain your current clients. Choosing where to spend your energy or how to divvy up your time can be challenging. I know how busy you all are running around doing "stuff"!

It costs businesses significantly more to acquire new customers than it does to retain them, as most successful businesses understand the importance of maintaining outstanding customer relationships.

Customers are bombarded with more attractive offers all the time and at lightning speed. They may see possible opportunities based on price, quality or service. Yet, I guarantee those are not the factors which cause them to switch from or encourage them to stay with you and your company.

Customers rely on their emotional experiences with salespeople more than any of the traditional factors, according to research by the Peppers & Rogers Group, which showed:

  • 60% of all customers stop dealing with a company because of what they perceive as indifference on the part of salespeople
  • 70% of customers leave a company because of poor service, which is usually attributed to a salesperson

What these statistics speak to and show is the important role that attitude and emotion play in determining whether your customers leave or stay. It’s mission critical for salespeople to understand customer attitudes and regularly collect their feedback.

I am confident most salespeople can answer the “who, what, when, where and how” of a business relationship. The single biggest missing element is “why.” Why do your customers do business with you? Is it because they feel valued and well taken care of? I guarantee the “why” factors will have monumental impact to you and the loyalty of your clients.


A picture speaks a thousand words...

Taking things for granted is an awful mistake we all make. A huge and unfortunate strategic error salespeople make is taking their customers for granted. When success sets in the "complacency syndrome" kicks in as most in sales start to develop a strong position and thought process revolving around their products and their services as being top-class, unique and something their customers can't live without.

Taking your customers for granted is equivalent to shutting down your business since it is your customers who call the shots now.

You as a sales reps and the offerings within your company are not indispensable given the fierce competition. Your customers have so many options that they do not need to stick with a company which takes them for granted. They would much rather jump ship and go to a company who respects them, understands their needs and treats them well.

Taking your customers for granted will permeate throughout your company. Remember your company exists because of your customers.


Chew on this for a moment...

How do you truly know you are delivering value to your clients?

Are you really giving them what they really value more effectively than your competitors?

How sure are you?

It’s not a good idea to take a customer’s loyalty for granted. Meeting their expectations is just not good enough. Your customers want to know you care. Develop a learning mindset and learn to help your customer get what they need, an outstanding experience.

Some tenured sales folk think because they’ve been around a long time, they’ll always be given top priority by their customers. I truly believe it’s more effective to act as if no one knows you or recognizes the value you bring as this makes you prove it every day.

When is the last time you went belly to belly, face to face with your customers and asked them, "What value do my services, products or solutions create for you?" I am waiting for your answer, still waiting, still waiting; this is what I thought - it has been awhile.

I encourage you all to think about this question "What does value add look like to your customers?" I bet all of your customers want to increase their sales and grow their customer base, correct?

Here is a personal exercise... Ask yourself these two questions and then write down your responses to:

How do I help my customer's gain a competitive advantage?

What is my customer's perception of value in working with me?


Sustaining value in the minds of your customers requires persistence and extreme focus. Avoid assumptions at all times with your customers as their needs change frequently.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s happening right now to my customers?
  • What changes if any may be happening to them right now?
  • What problems may they be facing?
  • What difficulties are they encountering in their marketplace?

How many of you can answer these questions? If you aren't spending quality time in getting to know your customers better than I guarantee someone else will be.

To understand the meaning of value, you must first put yourself in your customer's shoes and see the world through their eyes.


Creating true, authentic and genuine relationships by spending informal time with your customers will help you to understand them and their businesses.

What’s important to them and their business; the return will far outweigh the investment. 

How well do you truly know your customers and how well do they know you? 

With all sincerity, when you get to know your customers inside and out, you can personalize the attention you give them.

In a previous blog, 3 Ways A Servant Led Mindset Helps Sales Reps Crush Quota, true leadership as a sales rep is the ability to affect change and influence people inside your current accounts.

The more you can lead with a servant led mindset the better you will be in the long run. The aim is to be seen as a trusted adviser. When your input is greatly appreciated by your customers, it’s less likely they will engage with your competition. Stop taking your customers for granted.


You may have noticed I have referred to customers as customers. How many have caught onto this?

To all the salespeople, sales managers and those in executive management, do you view your customers as customers or do you view them as clients? How many view them as clients but treat them as customers?

How do you know when a customer becomes a client, or the other way around? When a client becomes a customer this becomes a problem.

Are you building customers or are you building clients?

You can't expect to get Nordstrom's level of service at Target or Walmart!

Think long and hard about this one... Are you viewed as sales rep of products and services to your customers or do you enlighten, add value, inform, advise, counsel, nurture and become an advocate on behalf of your clients?

Is it your personal preference to be sold or served? When you’re in the marketplace as a consumer do you seek out professionals whom you can trust or sleaze-balls selling you and then moving on?

Your personal commitment should be to build sustainable relationships with clients who value your professional advice rather than to find customers who make a one-time purchase.

If you and your company fail to keep your clients as such, they could turn into customers

I realize there are quite a few salespeople and their companies who take great care of their clients' needs but this is just not enough in today's complex business environment. It’s the ideas, insight, information, help, and guidance you provide which earns the privilege of doing business with them.

Initiate discussions focusing on their future needs, upcoming projects or areas of potential growth. Truly get to know your clients and quit treating them as customers.

I will leave you all to think about this...

Are You Growing Your Competitors Next Great Client?

I understand, I get where you all are coming from. I have walked a day in a life of your shoes and still do on a daily basis.

I am fully committed to helping your sales team integrate social aspects and modern strategies into your current sales process to grow net-new business. I want you to get results. This is why I am passionate about doing this the right way, the genuine way, the authentic way!

In 2016, Larry was recognized by ENX Magazine, “The Difference Maker” as someone who is making a difference inside the copier channel. Larry is passionate about helping sales reps succeed in creating their online brand image

You can find more blog posts inside the Social Sales Academy website.

I appreciate getting the opportunity to share my LinkedIn stories. Integrating the use of LinkedIn was my “game-changer” in the highly competitive copier world. With great pride I transform, challenge, coach and inspire B2B Office Technology Sales Professionals to grow net-new business by helping them tell their story and communicate integrating the use of social. My commitment is to help office technology dealers thrive in a drastically changing marketplace. You can follow me on LinkedInTwitterSocial Sales Academy and on my podcast at Selling from the Heart.