Top Ten Copier Quotes & Proposals for August 2017


Special thanx to all of those Print4Pay Hotel members that emailed me these quotes and proposals! 

I lost a potential order the other day.  I lost because I was not aware of what my competitors practices were with escalating service rates.  You know what I'm talking about, we all have them, we all don't speak about them unless the topic is brought up.  In this case, the topic was brought up and I answered with the appropriate response.  After obtaining a copy of the proposal, I found out why I lost.  Having that proposal will save my butt next time, because I will not forget and will be ready when I run up against the same competitor.

This is why you need to keep tabs on what others are doing in our industry. One little tidbit of data can save your ass and or get you the next deal.


Samsung SL-X75002017-09-10_0-35-022017-09-10_0-51-54Sharp MX 4070 p4p

2017-09-11_8-42-352017-09-10_0-46-392017-09-10_1-01-39Samsung CLX8640


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