Ricoh W6700SP Pricing Proposal


Just thought I would share this recent proposal for the MP W6700SP pricing proposal with everyone.  Would like to hear any thoughts or comments about this proposal also.

You can view the MP W6700SP pricing proposal here or below.

Seems to me like everything is included, although pricing is average and the maintenance/supply pricing seems to be above average. 



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I recently lost a large opportunity because of the wishy washy "rules" we have with net new business.  Of course we pay higher for net new than existing, however if the existing client buys another business, it's a fine line between if that's new or existing.  Problem is you won't know until you get your co statement. Thus, I had to go in with decent GP and I got hosed because another under cut the price.  I could have gone lower, however I need to feed the family just like everyone else.  Lesson learned even after 37 years

Art Post posted:

Yes, that quote somewhat high, however the system does have a $22K MSRP.  Does anyone get MSRP anymore?

I just hit singles day after day after day.  Every once in a while I hit a double or a triple.  A home run just a couple times a year.  My on base percentage is very very high.  If I started swinging for the fences or get cute and try to hit it down the base lines to get more doubles and triples no doubt my on base percentage would go way down even though I'd get lucky every now and then.  Most players who spend too much time swinging for the fences wash out of this league in 3 years or less.

Purchase and lease price are high.............but if the person can get it good for them.  I'm probably going to be $1K lower on that system day in and day out and even lower if I smell competition.  Service price is right.

I’d take that price point for the equipment any day, especially since everyone is buying them off special programs etc. 

.043 per square doesn’t seem bad. I like .05 per square better though and that’s where I used to put it.