Five Reasons to Attend Print4Pay Hotels Wide Format Presentation for Sales Reps


Originally I had planned to do the webinar for August 18th at noon, and lasting for one hour.  Due to vacations, summer schedules and other conflicts we're moving the event to October 2nd, 2017 at 1PM.  Let's figure that this will take about an hour or so.

I just finished talking with John Anderson from Sissine's Office Systems, and John's on board to co-host our event.  John and I go way back and pretty much we're always kicking wide format questions and issues back and forth with each other.

If you're a Premium/VIP member, this event will be a freebie for you.  If you're not a Premium/VIP member you can register here and the cost is $39.95 for the event. You could also purchase the annual Premium/VIP membership here and you could then attend the event at no cost.

What we'll cover:

  • Best practices for wide format prospecting (AEC verticals)
  • Market over view for CAD style wide format devices (ink and toner based)
  • Color Wide Format Scanners and Why They Are Still Important
  • Speaking their language
  • Sales Techniques
  • How to Beat Ricoh devices
  • How to Beat OCE devices
  • How to Beat KIP devices
  • Third Party Accessories & Solutions That Can Help You Close More Opportunities

I bet you thought all of the above were the reasons right?  Naw, just wanted to layout what we'll be covering for everyone.

1) Concentrating on selling wide format devices can be a quota buster for you.  With the average wide format selling for $15K, how many do you have to sell to hit your $45K quota?  That would be 3! 

2) Most if not all wide format accounts needs multiple devices.  Not only do they have a wide format, but they also need or have a multifunctional device for the office.  Multiple units are better than one at a time!

3) Only three key players in the market place.  Would you rather compete with nine different brands or three?

4) Wide format guru's are few and far between. Knowledge is the key to help clients with their decision making process. We can help you become the wide format guru in your market place.

5) Larger revenue orders can help you meet or exceed your quota.  When you're exceeding your quota monthly, quarterly or annually, that generally means your in bonus country!  We do love bonuses right?

Together,  John and I have more than fifty years of wide format sales behind us.  We know what works and what doesn't work, and we're willing to share our knowledge on September 18th.  Come join us.

If interested please send me an email and I'll send you an invitation.

-=Good Selling=-

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