Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL Combat Veteran to Give Keynote Address @BTAPhilly Grand Slam Event


BTA Grand Slam start time is 3PM at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown on Wednesday the 13th of September and completes about 4PM on the 14th. During the evening of the 14th attendees can also travel to Citizens Bank Park at 7PM to see the Phillies host the Miami Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton's MLB League Leading forty-six home runs. 

Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL Combat Veteran will deliver the keynote address. Not sure if I've ever heard Brent speak before, I thought I might have however I may have not, thus I thought I it would be appropriate to take a paragraph from his LinkedIn page and post it here for everyone.

TakingPoint Leadership offers motivational keynote presentation on topics ranging from leadership to building high performance cultures that get winning results. TakingPoint Leadership also offers executive coaching, team building experiences and workshops. As the founder and lead speaker at TakingPoint Leadership, Gleeson has brought his business leadership expertise to clients all over the world. Learn more at

Over the years, I've enjoyed how these events are formatted.  If you've never attended one a BTA  event, you'll be quite satisfied with how the event is laid out.  BTA starts with one large conference room,  then to the  middle of the room are tables and chairs. This is were all of the attendees can sit and view the Keynote Address and the Educational Sessions.  In the same room, and along the outside walls are tables that house the BTA sponsors.  It's pretty cool because everything takes place in that one room.  In addition at the end of every Educational Session there's about a 45 minute break so that you can network and or visit those BTA sponsors. 

Educational Sessions

Wednesday starts at 3PM with the keynote address from Brent Gleeson. After Gleeson we'll see West McDonald, vice president of business development, Print Audit deliver the educational session for Seat-Based Billing vs. Device-Based Billing. 

Our next session will see Kim Ward, director of training & development, Learning Outsource Group talk on Sales Management: Leadership & Skills Necessary for Maximum Impact

As soon as 6PM rolls around attendees can then attend the welcoming reception in the Hotel.

Our next day starts at 7AM for Breakfast and we'll see four more Educational Sessions from:

Compensation Plans: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Luis Gonzalez, president & owner,

Going After the Big Fish
Kate Kingston, founder & president, Kingston Training Group

Is Your Marketing Program Taking You to the Danger Zone?
Aaron Dyck, vice president of solutions, & Matthew McGuire, director of solutions, Clover Imaging Group

Digital & Social Media Marketing Tips for Time-Strapped Dealers
Harry Hecht, business coach

At the end of the day, it's off to Citizens Bank Park for the ball game!

You can never stop learning right?  Come to think of it why would you ever want to stop learning? These BTA events allows us to connect and collaborate with our peers.  In addition, we get to hear different strategies from different vendors that may help us increase out profits, sales and or efficiencies. I've always been a fan of these events, and if you can wrangle two days out of your schedule, you'll be glad you did. 

BTW, you can register here

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