A Short Sales Tip That Can Help You Close More Business


You've demo'd that shiny new copier for your print shop Decision Maker, pricing is no longer the issue, maintenance pricing is fine, the copier operation was flawless, and you don't feel comfortable with using a drop close to secure the order.  Yet, you can move the deal forward.

You have a suspicion that if you could just add a little more value to the deal, that you might be able to close the order now.  Makes you think, what in the world can I add that would increase the value of my copier or services and it won't cost me anything?

With at least a half dozen print shop DM's, I was able to close the order with this value add. 

I offered to cold call once a week for one month at no cost.  I stated that the print shop would supply the their business cards, their flyers and or handouts.  I had asked for about one hundred hand outs and then dedicated one day a week for the next four weeks to cold call on behalf of the print shop. 

I asked  the owner to print a few hundred statement size note pads with the name of his print shop, address, and the phone number. In addition, I asked that owner go out and buy a large bag of hard candies.  The process was to put to two pads together with a 1/2 dozen candies and shrink wrap them together for the handout.  This made one neat handout and I didn't have one cold call that refused the handouts.

At the end of the day, I reported back to the DM, made copies of the business cards and reported on any hot prospects that I found. I left the original business cards with the owner and kept the copies for my self.  Can you guess what I di with those copies? 

I can remember finding one prospect who needed 5,000 color prints/copies.  The printer I was cold calling for was elated when he was able to secure the order and of course those 5,000 color pages were printed on one of my color devices.

What's the method to the madness here?  Well, in addition to cold calling for the Print Shop, I was also scouting and prospecting for net new clients for copiers. 

I didn't mind doing the cold calls  because I knew one of my weaknesses was cold calling. I have no probably doing it, but it always seemed that I would put it off for another day.  I was able to kill two birds with one stone.

Thus, there were no wasted selling days on my part, since I was working to jobs at the same time.  BTW, this is something you could use for almost any type of account, probably not enterprise, however this will work with most SMB accounts.

-=Good Selling=-

I'll be posting up more of these in the upcoming weeks

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