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Lou Stricklin          Jan. 15, 2016


Andrew Jones



PLANO, Texas—(Jan. 15, 2016)—Muratec America, Inc., manufacturer of multifunction office equipment and business productivity solutions, announces the Precision Label Series of digital presses, designed to produce short run, high-definition digital color labels.

“These products signal a new era for Muratec,” said Jim D’Emidio, president, Muratec America, Inc. “The label market is exploding year-over-year and the demand for short-run capabilities is one of the hottest growth areas. Most dealers we’ve approached with our label presses were able to quickly identify current customers who could benefit from a short-run digital label press. With a background in on-site service, customer support and professional sales approaches, the office equipment dealer channel is perfect to distribute these solutions.”

Organizations that rely on labels use Muratec’s Precision Label Series to bring label printing in-house and significantly reduce their label spend, waste and production time.

“It’s standard practice for a label converter to have a 2-3 week lead time,” said Lou Stricklin, director, marketing and sales support. “The PLS-series label presses can have labels printed, laminated, die-cut and ready for application in just hours, saving time and money. It’s also a huge competitive advantage for our customers to be able to instantly tweak packaging to address sudden changes in the market.”

Muratec’s PLS-2112 can print continuous-fed media or cut sheets, up to 8.5” wide, on a variety of media; the PLS-2112F, Muratec’s digital finishing system, creates true on-the shelf visual separation by giving labels unique shapes, styles and sizes.

“With the PLS-2112F, the only limit is your imagination,” Stricklin said. “In the past, organizations had to break the bank in order to produce die-cut labels; however, with the PLS-2112F, they can produce exceptional labels that deliver a competitive advantage and higher value perception on the shelf.”

The PLS-2112 digital label press features an MSRP of $24,995; the PLS-2112F features an MSRP of $39,995.

Muratec’s PLS-5150 can print continuous-fed media or cut sheets, up to 12.5” wide, on a variety of media at up to 30 feet-per-minute; the PLS-5150F, Muratec’s digital finishing system, delivers lamination, digital die-cutting, slitting and rewinding to create application-ready labels.

“The PLS-5150 addresses the needs of our customers who require higher throughput,” Stricklin said. “The PLS-5150, prints at up to 30 feet-per-minute, increasing the number of labels per roll. The multiple blade slitter, high-speed die-cutter and multiple exit rewinders enable our customers to get their labels ready for application faster.

The PLS-5150 digital label press features an MSRP of $52,995; the PLS-5150F features an MSRP of $74,995.

About Muratec America, Inc.

Muratec America, Inc. is a manufacturer of multifunction digital office equipment, business productivity solutions and provider of managed document services components. The company is a Plano, Texas-based subsidiary of Murata Machinery, Ltd., a privately held multinational corporation based in Kyoto, Japan. Visit for more information.


What is Business Workflow? "Part One"

Workflow has been on my mind a lot in recent months.  In order to remain current and successful in this industry I need to step it up a bit and be looking for additional workflow opportunities.

What is workflow?  It's my guess that we'll see many different definitions of workflow from the different guest bloggers I have lined up.  For me, workflow means that I can shorten a manual business process, which would then save the client hours of labor. In addition, the client may benefit from improved customer service to their customers.

For one of my clients it was the ability to scan documents, and extract data in a certain area of the form and then move that data so that it would populate in SharePoint list.   Previously the client was scanning the documents in order to save them to a folder and then manually extracting the data from that form and then keying that data into an excel spreadsheet.   The time savings by creating this new workflow was tremendous. 

During the next 30 days, I'll be reaching out to some of my contacts and ask to them to provide us with a guest blog about workflow. As of right know there will be a five part series for Workflow.

Stay tuned, I'm thinking we'll enjoy these immensely.  Blogs will posted for 24 hours for FREE and will then convert to Premium/VIP Blogs, please let me know if you are interested in obtaining a Premium/VIP Membership.

-=Good Selling=-

"A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms."