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If a customer doesn't have their own info available I have a generic Comcast that I use. Preferably you want to use the customer's own.

Innovative Technology Improves Higher Education Staff and Student Experience

Tillamook Bay Community College rolled out DocuWare to the entire college in order to provide faculty and staff with easy access to information to facilitate advising and streamline the registration process for students. The higher ed institution was also able to utilize DocuWare to collaborate with instructors and develop standardized curriculum and teaching guidelines. Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) is a small college serving students on Oregon’s rural coast for over 30 years. In...

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@fisher I was thinking the same thing about the quality of the engine itself. It seems very cheap but I guess thats what we get for...
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Attention Sales World: Somebody Is Marketing Your Company Who's Marketing You?

Marketing is more than just advertising and selling products, solutions or services. Marketing addresses all aspects of growing a business's client base as well as attracting new clients to their business. Highly effective marketing is a necessity, a make or break for some businesses. It's really impossible for businesses to be successful without good marketing and sales techniques. This is what brings dollars through the business door. Marketing is more than simply letting people know about...

It takes Determination to move a Rock or change a Business

Over the last few months, I have been talking with some Technology Channel leaders regarding my Vision of future Channel Distribution. A Vision I named “The Innovation Channel.” As these discussions take place, I am reminded of how determination lessens in value as some age. This thinking brought me to the creek which ran through the neighborhood I lived in years ago as a child. That creek we played in had a Big Rock; this Rock was obstructing the way the creek flowed down to the pond at the...

This Week in the Copier Industry 10 Years Ago (Second Week of August 2007)

SAN FRANCISCO -- Before the baseball winds up on eBay, before we make up our minds what the new record means (if we can) and before Pedro Gomez is assigned to follow around Alex Rodriguez, let's pause for a few words from the former home run king. "I would like to offer my congratulations to Barry Bonds on becoming baseball's career home run leader," Hank Aaron said in a video message played on the AT&T Park scoreboard after Bonds hit his 756th home run. "It is a great accomplishment...

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VinceMcHugh posted: A few years back we received an RFP that was put together by a "Consultant". It's terms were so egregious, so one...
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A few years back we received an RFP that was put together by a "Consultant". It's terms were so egregious, so one sided, that we simply...

Five Reasons Why Every Manufacturer Needs A Color Label Print Device

Color labels....., now you seem and now you don't. Over the years I'll admit that I never paid much attention to color labels, yet they are everywhere you look. Regulations and safety compliance in the work place has helped the color label market to explode in recent years. Most small to mid size manufacturing companies are outsourcing their color labels, which means a very long wait time when placing orders and most are ordering way more than they need to bring the cost per label price...

Are you Customer Centric or Product Centric?

Most in business would say “Of Course We Are a Customer Centric Business.” However with today’s rapid rate of disruption caused by organizations and Industries who continuously out innovate legacy organizations. I would say they are lying to themselves and here are my reasons for saying this. A company is built to sell a product which solves a problem. What happens when the problem the product solves is not an issue anymore? Or what happens when someone else circumvents your products...

Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part One, Course One

Many of you know that I'm a huge fan of color label presses. It's my belief that Dealers & sales reps that add Color Label Presses to their arsenal can achieve additional heights of revenue and profit. Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services. In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover. Let us not forget...

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ok, so if the server info is in correct my SE/IT people will try to make it right. If not, we are doing the same short cut as yourself.
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